The author

Arne Bellstorf is a cartoonist, graphic designer, writer and editor living and working in Hamburg, Germany.

In 2005 he graduated at the University of Applied Sciences (Department Design) in Hamburg. His final thesis, entitled »acht, neun, zehn«, was his first graphic novel and received much recognition in Germany. Frankfurt Book Fair, Comixene and Frankfurter Rundschau named Arne Bellstorf »Newcomer of the Year« in 2005. From 2006—2014 he has been writing and illustrating a monthly comic page for a German newspaper, Der Tagesspiegel, since 2009 he contributes cartoons to DIE ZEIT Geschichte
»Baby’s in Black«, his book about Hamburg’s young existentialists, the early Beatles and German sub-culture in the Sixties, was released in October 2010 in Germany and has since been published in 12 countries.