Paris et Bordeaux! |

»Baby’s in Black« is out now in French, published by Éditions Sarbacane. There’ll be a book launch at the Goethe-Institute Paris (with Richard Robert) before I’m going to Bordeaux for the Festival Bulles en Hauts de Garonne, from March 24 - 25.
There’ll also be a small exhibition with pages from the book at the library of the Goethe Institut in Paris from March 13 - 31.

Wednesday, 22 March 2012, 7pm at Goethe-Institut Paris, 17 avenue d’Iéna, 75116 Paris

Festival Bulles en Hauts de Garonne, March 24 - 25, Maison des Savoirs Partagés/M270, Floirac.

Book Launch in Amsterdam and Brussels |

This february sees the release of the Dutch translation of »Baby’s in Black«, published by Oog&Blik. I will be at the Goethe-Institute Amsterdam and Brussels for a book launch. While the Amsterdam event is going to be hosted by Joost Swarte (!) and supported by the local Beatles Fan Club, the Belgian audience instead will have the chance to see the exhibition Comics, Manga & Co., which is (coincidentally) currently showing at the Institute in Brussels.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012, 5pm at Goethe-Institut Amsterdam, Herengracht 470, Amsterdam

Thursday, 23 February, 12:30pm at Goethe-Institut Brüssel, Rue Belliard/Belliarstraat 58, Brussels

Book Launch in Italy |

The Goethe-Institut Rome in Italy and Black Velvet Editrice invite you to the launch of the Italian translation of »Baby’s in Black« with an exhibition opening this thursday and a few other events this weekend. More details over here and here.

Thursday, 20th October 2011, 7pm at Goethe-Institut Rome, Via Savoia 15, Rome

Exhibitions and events in Scandinavia |

I’ve added a few upcoming exhibitions to the Tour Schedule. The Goethe Institut Denmark invited me to the Göteborg Book Fair, arranged and supported an exhibition at Kulturhuset Brønden in Copenhagen and at Reykjavík City Library. I’ll give two workshops and have my first video conference in Iceland as well, for further information on all events please visit the Goethe Institut websites of Denmark, Sweden and Iceland.

Imagined Soundtrack (04) |

Book Launch in Denmark |

It was kind of short notice, but the book launch in Denmark (and Copenhagen in general) was great. Read an interview here and buy the carefully edited book at Forlaget Vandkunsten if you speak a little Danish.

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Book Launch in London |

After visiting wonderful Glasgow for the third time (on March 15th, see prior entry) I’ll be in London the following day: Goethe Institut London (in connection with their MEET THE GERMANS program) and SelfMadeHero “invite you to celebrate the publication of Arne Bellstorf’s Graphic Novel »Baby’s in Black« … We’ll be serving food & drinks, there’ll be some great music and Arne will sign and sketch copies bought during the evening.” With an introduction by comics expert Paul Gravett!

Wednesday, 16th March 2011, 6.30pm - 9pm at Underbar, 53 Dorset Street, London, W1U 7NH

Book Launch in Glasgow |

The library of the Goethe-Institut Glasgow and SelfMadeHero invite you to the launch of the English translation of Arne Bellstorf’s graphic novel »Baby’s in Black«. Introduced by Marc Baines, Arne Bellstorf and Stewart Cruickshank (BBC senior music producer) will discuss the story behind the book focusing on the Hamburg subculture of the early sixties, and the genre of graphic biographies. More details over here and here.

Tuesday, 15th March 2011, 7pm at Goethe-Institut Glasgow, 3 Park Circus, G3 6AX

Exhibition in Austria |

The exhibition at Beatlemania in Hamburg has closed but will move on: From February 3rd to March 18th, an expanded selection of original drawings will be on display at the Galerie der Stadt Wels (near Linz) in Austria. I’ll be there for the opening and a book signing on March 8, 6.00 pm, during the Nextcomic festival 2011 in Linz.

Strips & Stories |

One more reason to come to Hamburg next weekend: I’ll be signing books again at the wonderful new comic book store strips & stories on Saturday, November 4th, from 5pm to midnight. Have a drink, read comics and listen to Beat, Soul and Jazz with DJs Bonnie & Clyde.

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Book Launch/Exhibition Opening |

I suppose this is going to be the official book launch in Germany … and definitely the opening of an exhibition with original drawings from the book:

Buchpräsentation & Ausstellungseröffnung »Baby’s in Black«
Friday, November 5th, 6pm at Beatlemania, Hamburg
(the exhibition runs until December 31st)

Finally. |

Revisions Back from the Frankfurt Book Fair. Everything went well and the book should be available in stores now! Please support your local comic/book dealer …

Good News |

Revisions Well, I’ve never been posting frequently because of my tight schedule. But for the past weeks I’ve been absolutely absorbed in my work. I was working long days and long nights to finish the last pages, the dialogues, the lettering, revisions and the final layout. I just managed it. And I’m relieved to confirm that the book will arrive in stores in October! I guess it’ll be available everywhere after the Frankfurt Book Fair, where I’m going to have a little launch event presenting the book for the first time. More events will be announced shortly - and updated on this page.

Those feelings |

»When I think about it now, with hindsight, those feelings I had with Stuart - of love - were the strongest I have ever had in my life. I don’t know how to explain it … It was so intense that sometimes it frightened me.«
— Astrid Kirchherr

A few more pages … |

Unfinished pages ...
I’m back in Hamburg, now all alone in our flat while everyone’s on vacation. I was hoping to be done by now with the drawings, but there are still a few pages waiting to be filled with ink and crayon. I just have to get by without sleep for the next two weeks.

Stuart Sutcliffe |

Stuart Sutcliffe
© Astrid Kirchherr (1960) / K&K

Stuart Sutcliffe was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, on June 23, 1940. He would have turned 70 today.

Missed opportunities |

The fiftieth anniversary of the formation of the Beatles (and the beginning of their career in Hamburg) gets more and more media coverage in Germany. Most recent example: Klaus Voormann did the cover artwork for the latest issue of high-circulation German magazine Der Spiegel (issue 21/2010). While visiting the wonderful festival in Copenhagen, I missed his visit at Hamburg’s Beatlemania last weekend for the launch of a limited artprint edition of his cover illustration (which seems to be sold out already). Anyway, Copenhagen was great. I’m going to stay at my parents’ house for the following two weeks. I have to catch up on work …

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